GTA Online: Thriving Business in Los Santos

gta online event promotion calacas mask

The supernatural energy of Halloween gives way to a series of entrepreneurial initiatives in GTA Online, promising players profits as swift as illegal street races.

Double Entertainment with Lamar and Franklin in GTA

The week kicks off with a lucrative collaboration between GTA icons Lamar and Franklin. The duo is offering "Short Trips," brief missions that deliver both exhilarating and bewildering experiences marked by out-of-body "trips." These forays into the burgeoning empire of LD Organics not only promise thrills but also doubled rewards for players who seize this opportunity.

Celebration of the Dead with Calacas Masks

Popular culture and folklore intertwine with the introduction of Calacas masks, thereby celebrating the Day of the Dead. Three unique designs are available to players: the Royal Calaca mask, Romance Calaca, and Floral Calaca. A way for players to connect with their virtual Latin roots, these masks are offered simply by logging into the game this week.

Security Contracts: Risk and Reward

Franklin, never far from his humble beginnings, offers security contracts that allow players to dive back into illicit activities. These missions, accessible via a laptop at the agency, offer double GTA$ and RP earnings, enticing players to indulge in their criminal instincts.

Adversary Mode: Hunting Pack (Remix)

Players seeking an adrenaline rush will find their fix with the "Hunting Pack (Remix)." In this electrified game mode, participants must maintain high speed lest their vehicle explodes, while their opponents do everything to stop them. Until November 8, the stakes are tripled for the daring.

Showroom and Luxury in the Spotlight

Car enthusiasts are not forgotten with the Premium Deluxe Motorsport Showroom and the Luxury Autos Showroom displaying a selection of luxury vehicles, offering up to 40% off certain models. From SUVs to supercars, there's something to satisfy all tastes and budgets.

Premium Trials and Exclusive Bonuses

PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S owners enjoy exclusive benefits, including trials of premium vehicles with the Coil Cyclone II and HSW Time Trials to test their limits.

GTA+ also offers exclusive rewards until November 8, including special clothing, discounted weapons, and a monthly bonus of GTA$500,000, highlighting the benefits of subscribing.

Discounts Not to Be Missed

Finally, a wave of discounts hits agency properties, vehicle workshops, Imani Tech upgrades, and a selection of vehicles. It's the time to spend smartly and invest in your criminal enterprise's arsenal.

The streets of Los Santos have never been more welcoming to bold entrepreneurs and stylish criminals. With tripled rewards and substantial discounts, GTA Online continues to surprise and reward its most devoted players as they await GTA VI.